Save time, get back on the road with auXcar.

Save time, get back on the road with auXcar.

Earn Money by Assisting or Get Quick Roadside Assistance

We are here to assist you.

Sometimes we find ourselves in unexpected places and situations. We provide a convenient and innovative way to get quick and urgent roadside assistance through your smartphones across to you.


Battery jumpstart

You no longer need to find another vehicle to give you a jumpstart.


Spare tire change

No spare? We got you covered, get a spare tire from our app in no time.


Towing truck

Let our professionals help move your car from one location to another safely and hassle free.


Emergency fuel

No need to walk to a gas station or bother passers-by, use our app instead.


Now you move around knowing we got your back.

We have streamlined the process of roadside assistance, helping you with common vehicle breakdowns so you are able to save time & get back on the road. We work with top vendors that our consumers already know who will provide them with their auto supplies.

Top-notch experience

Get access to quality auto repair services like no other. Our assists are trained to help fix your car.

Instant service

Our drivers take the worry away by responding to your requests within a few minutes.

24/7 customer support

A team of dedicated support to assist you with all your needs and inquiries.

Why choose us.

We are committed to assisting consumers in need of roadside assistance. Doing this, we intend to ensure the safety of both our team and our consumers.


Available 24/7

All work no play makes jack a dull boy. For you we will be dull! 😁


Best Prices

We offer unbeatable assist prices in every state. All for you!


Mobile App

Get your vehicle up and running as quickly as possible with our app.


Secure Payment

We have partnered with a reliable and secure payment processor.

Be your own boss.
Earn extra money assisting.

Interested in providing roadside assistance with auXcar? Here are some reasons we make it worth your while.

Earn on your terms

Earn extra income and use in-app tools to help maximize your earnings.

Very Important Person (VIP)

Supreme status of being appreciated helping people in a crucial time of need.

Set your own schedule

Work whenever works for you, no minimum hours and you're the boss!

Special perks

Earn special perks. The more you assist, the more perks you earn.

Zero monthly fees

No risk, it's your show and you only pay when you earn.


Coming soon

How to get roadside assistance? Download the app, set your location, request roadside assistance, meet your assist, relax then get back on the road 😀💯


You make us happy

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