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Trust. Time.
Respect. Safety.

Trust. Time.
Respect. Safety.

Save time get back on the road.

We are dedicated to rendering roadside assistance in a satisfactory way to our consumers. We put their interest at the core of our business and ensure that every employee works collaboratively to achieve full satisfaction and push the organization forward. 

We do not ignore the rights and duties of our employees, we value freedom and understand the need for self-esteem. Hence, we created a humane working environment where every contribution matters, roadside assistance at it’s best.

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Time is valued.

Because time is the most valuable thing humans spend, we strive to be punctual at every point of our service delivery.

Trust is earned.

We are built on honesty and integrity, and every relationship we have is aimed at creating trust. This is our commitment in every word and deed.

Safety is prioritized.

For us, safety is more than just a priority. It’s one of our basic values and the foundation of our strategy. Our goal is to be known as the industry leader in terms of safety.

Respect is given.

We respect the dignity of each individual while maintaining privacy, fairness, and transparency.

Recycling & Energy

We are committed to keeping our globe clean. We work with reputable companies in the auto industry to recycle your unwanted flat tires & dead batteries, keeping them off the road, out of trash centers, and out of our water supply. When you have a flat & order a new tire using our mobile app, we ask the retailer to recycle your bad tire. When it comes to batteries, once you order your new battery with our app and we install it in your vehicle, you can return the old battery to the retailer for a cash core credit.

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